A unique model

Iquility's Online Sales and Marketing Engine (OSME) has been developed through funding from The Research Council of Norway. The result is a unique e-commerce solution to some of today's challenges within sales and marketing.

global reference costumer

OSME is being implemented by one of the world's leading brands within professional skin care, a global enterprise with more than 20.000 partner salons in 120 countries.

An industry-neutral concept

OSME is the e-commerce solution for a lot of different businesses with an international multi-level organization. It's module-based concept opens for a flexible and tailor-made implementation.

A cost-efficient solution

OSME has a flexible pricing model that secures a low implementation cost through a combination of a monthly subscription fee and a percentage of the revenue generated through the system.

Optimize your value chain
by accumulating advantages

OSME offers new advantages to all levels of your international business:

Level 1

Secures accumulated advantages at the top.

The global exporter wants the best possible sales organization in each country it operates in.

Synergies created at each level in the network move up through the chain and accumulate at the top. With the right web solution the global distributor can harvest the added values and efficiencies of a huge international multi-level sales organization.

OSME secures the exporter an optimal value chain.

Level 2

Creates more efficient sales management.

The national distributor wants a cost-efficient and transparent sales process.

Great synergies can be ensured through centralized logistics that sees only one level in control of stock, shipment, customer service etc. With the right web solution the distributor can get direct and immediate overview of new orders and a one-stop interface for dealing with shipments, refunds, commissions, comments etc.

OSME secures the national distributor great logistical savings.

Level 3

Makes the expert into a better seller

The specialist provider wants full focus on his profession and therefore an easy sales process.

The expert's insight and analysis can give both increased sales and an added value in the form of better customer relations. With the right web solution that simplifies sales, distribution, marketing and commission the national and global distributor can unlock this treasure chest.

OSME enables the specialist retailer to increase revenues while focusing on core tasks.

Level 4

Creates the perfect costumer experience

Tomorrow's customer wants both the convenience of e-commerce and the security of traditional shopping.

The combination of a web shop solution and an actual physical meeting with an expert can secure an ideal sales process. With the right web solution the costumer gets both specialist advice and recommendations and the opportunity to buy products in place or at home.

OSME secures the customer the best of both the old and the new world.

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A modular solution for full flexibility and cost effective implementation



OSME offers modules for managing the sales and marketing needs of multi level organisations.

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